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MELINDA 4 Yr old 13.3hh Buckskin Quarter Pony Mare

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Kvartalet ponnyn är en ras av unga, som har sitt ursprung i Förenta staterna. Här spelades avel på 1960-talet. Medan en fjärdedel ponny så minst kan en förälder också ha efter en fjärdedel ponny, appaloosa, kvartalet häst och paint häst. Rasen lämpar sig främst för alla discipliner av västra sport, ... Mer om hästrasen Quarter-ponny
4 år


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CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Westbound Marketing 619-655-2272
LOCATION: Carthage, TX
BREED: Quarter Pony
COLOR: Buckskin
HEIGHT: 13.3
AGE: 4

Melinda is 4 years old and stands 13.3 hands. She is clean legged with not a mark on her and is guaranteed to be absolutely sound and gentle. She is a beautiful sooty dappled buckskin in color and has a personality to match. She is kind, sweet and quiet. Melinda is an absolutely phenomenal mare that is extremely versatile and broke, but gentle enough for anyone to ride. Her size makes her suitable for an adult or youth rider. Melinda is very user friendly. She is incredibly soft, neck reins honestly and moves off your legs like she should. She has all the buttons you need to ask one to ride fancy, therefore you can ask her for her life and go do a job and look good doing it or you can ride her gentle and quiet. She has been used for a range of disciplines, and is always a pleasure to ride no matter the task at hand. Melinda has been in my program for over six months now. We have used her on the ranch to pen and sort our bucking bulls and our calves, she is an absolute blast to sort on. Here where we are in East Texas we have a fair bit of swamp land and she is well accustomed to making her way through sticky mud, bogs and water crossings to find and gather cattle. She is a fantastic and extremely reliable partner out on the trail. She will ride out alone or with a group and is very solid out on the trail. She is not spooky or insecure and I don't know that you could show her something she hasn't seen out there. I have also been patterning her on the barrels. She is extremely trainable and takes well to anything you present to her. She is a natural on the barrel pattern and has been easy to bring along. Melinda stays gentle, no matter how long she has been laid off. She is one that you can saddle and step on with no worries. This mare will excel anywhere she goes and in any discipline you decide to pursue anywhere from the ranch to the trail or arena. Though we do not ride english we feel she would also excel under english tack. Melinda is an easy keeper and she pastures well with others. She is easy to catch and well mannered to handle. She bathes, ties and trailers all with impeccable manners and has never once offered to bite, kick, pull back or do anything out of turn. She has great feet, is barefoot and good to trim and has never had any soundness or health issues.
Located in Carthage Texas
Contact Sarah at 619-655-2272 with any questions.
Carthage, TX


Needmore, PA 17238
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